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Competent Bilingual Assistants

Experienced entrepreneurs who partner with us assured the assistants' capability on multiple different tasks.

2 Hour Response Times

Your virtual assistant will respond in 2 hours with the completed task or an estimated time of completion.

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Quality Guarantee - work with the top 3%

We have strict 5 step screening processes and only 3% of our candidates become TokyoMate Assistants.

About Us 

We are whole-heartedly dedicated to making it easier for you to live, work, and do business in Japan. 

Thank-you note from one of our elated clients :)

TokyoMate Assistant provides experienced guidance and support so you can get your application approved in record time. 

1 mistake on an application can trigger lengthy delays. 

TokyoMate's virtual assistant immediately became an indispensable resource I could rely on to help with different tasks, especially ones requiring thorough research or more complex interactions in Japanese. ... And she handled all of these (and many more tasks) with a memorable briskness and friendliness.

TokyoMate's virtual assistant immediately became an indispensable resource...

- Todd S., Vice President of a Technology Company 

TokyoMate has already saved me countless headaches. My assistant saves me time and makes living overseas in Japan easier and more enjoyable.

I highly recommend this service!

- Tim Montoya,  Account Executive at UXPin

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What exactly can your assistant do?

Help filling out an application without errors.

Translate your motivation letter, CV and recommendation letter in Japanese.

Please read before inquiry

1 minor mistake on an application can trigger lengthy delays. Professionally filled out, error-free application will help the chances of approval. 

Although these documents are not on the list of the MOJ, they are highly recommended to submit along with the required documents.