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Why Us? 

Competent Bilingual Assistants

Experienced entrepreneurs who partner with us assured the assistants' capability on multiple different tasks.

2 Hour Response Times

Your virtual assistant will respond in 2 hours with the completed task or an estimated time of completion.

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Quality Guarantee - work with the top 3%

We have strict 5 step screening processes and only 3% of our candidates become MailMate Assistants.

The fact she is ‘virtual’ had zero impact on her ability to provide timely, creative and effective support. Overall, the experience has been fantastic and it’s great to know we have such a capable, professional and personable assistant standing by to support us as we grow our business here in Japan.”

Your service exceeded our expectations for a virtual assistant in every way. 

-CEO, Staffing & Recruitment Agency

"Especially in these uncertain economic conditions, independent business owners may feel pressured to go from project to project without time to focus on follow-up. … It was really useful to have a bilingual VA with experience in both Japanese and overseas business communications to help me follow up with past clients..."

Having a virtual assistant is really useful for following up with clients. 

- Sara Jean, Consultant at Delta International

About Us 

We are whole-heartedly dedicated to making it easier for you to live, work, and do business in Japan. 

Are you losing your Japanese customers?

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