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The fact she is ‘virtual’ had zero impact on her ability to provide timely, creative and effective support. Overall, the experience has been fantastic and it’s great to know we have such a capable, professional and personable assistant standing by to support us as we grow our business here in Japan.”

Your service exceeded our expectations for a virtual assistant in every way. 

-CEO, Staffing & Recruitment Agency

"TokyoMate's virtual assistant immediately became an indispensable resource I could rely on to help with different tasks, especially ones requiring thorough research or more complex interactions in Japanese. ... And she handled all of these (and many more tasks) with a memorable briskness and friendliness."

Research + complex interactions in Japanese.

- Todd S., Vice President of a Technology Company

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We are whole-heartedly dedicated to making it easier for you to live, work, and do business in Japan. 

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Native Japanese Bilingual Assistants

Fluent in English to ease language obstacles.

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The essential skills the business owner needs in Japan.

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Discounted Mail Service

Help with your Japanese-language physical mail.

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